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our mission

The Glenmuir High School Past Students Association (UK) Chapter is part of the Glenmuir High School international alumni association. Our mission is to engage with alumni past and present across the United Kingdom and continue to support our beloved alma mater Glenmuir High in Jamaica as well as students continuing their studies in tertiary institutions in the UK.

GHSpsa (UK) chapter President Kerry Ganna - in her own words...

As the GHSPSA (UK) Chapter President, may I welcome you to our online space. Since 2010, a small group of alumni here in the UK would meet up and subsequently decided to formalise links with our alma mater Glenmuir High School in Jamaica. I am particularly proud of the fact that the UK membership conceived and initiated the GHS Breakfast Programme project back in 2017 which has since proven to be of immense benefit to disadvantaged students. We have joined forces with the other GHS Alumni Associations and together we have been able to complete and dedicate the Dr. Sydney Scott Auditorium. 2020 has brought the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. Nevertheless, we were able to answer Principal Dr. Marsha Smalling's call for assistance with learning resources and personal protective equipment for the staff members. Going forward, we will continue to strive to increase our membership as well as assist our school. The fire still burns - here in the UK!

Your EXECUTIVe officers

President: Kerry Ganna

Vice President: Peter Allison

Treasurer: Durant Thompson

Secretary: Sophia Smith


April 9, 2021

Welsh winger Clive Sullivan played both rugby union and rugby league but it was the latter where he left a sporting legacy. Read more.

london community gospel choir fundraising concert for april 17th

April 7, 2021

gofundme page to assist glenmuir high teacher

April 6, 2021

We join the family of Christophe Myrie, one of our outstanding team members, in soliciting financial contributions towards his medical treatment in Mexico. Mr Myrie has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Osteosarcoma. Mr Myrie currently teaches Physics at Glenmuir High up to the CAPE level. Christophe is responsible for leading Glenmuir's Robotics team to second place in the last First Tech Challenge.

Your contributions and support are much appreciated. The GoFundMe link is below:


remembering winston wright - glenmuir alumnus and one of jamaica's finest keyboard players

April 3, 2021

Winston Wright was one of Jamaica's finest keyboard players. Having learnt to play the organ at Glenmuir High, he went onto perform with the legendary Tommy McCook Supersonics band. We remember this musical great who sadly passed away in 1993.

charlie phillips: a great british photographer

March 26, 2021

Charlie Phillips is one of the greatest British photographers. Yet most people have never heard of him. Here is his story.

the next series of uk diaspora engagements entitled up close occurs 1st april

March 26, 2021

teenagers helping kids battling depression in jamaica

March 20, 2021

16 year-old Ledira Fearon and her colleagues are helping fellow teenagers in Jamaica battling depression due to the global pandemic. This is their story.

glenmuir alumnus building civil engineering career

March 16, 2021

Glenmuir High graduate Carlton Irvin is making his dreams a reality with China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC). This is his story.

join the blue mountain virtual coffee festival!

March 12, 2021

Remembering glenmuir high school's founder bishop percival gibson

February 28, 2021

The Rt. Reverend Percival William Gibson was founder of not just Glenmuir High School, Kingston College and Bishop Gibson High School in Jamaica but was a major contributor in the field of Education. For more details about this remarkable man, read here.


February 26, 2021

A multi-national medical research team involving Jamaican scientists, have revealed their year-long findings which have identified menthol crystals as a key inhibitor in the fight againt the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.


February 11, 2021

itv offers TV production trainee opportunities

February 6, 2021

Television company ITV is offering 12-month trainee paid opportunities to work in television production. Positions as trainee researchers, script editors and editorial assistants are available. Persons from black and Asian communities are especially encouraged to apply. You can do so via itvjobs.com.


April 1957. Twenty year old Iciline Brown arrived in the UK from Jamaica with aspirations to undergo nursing training in Scotland as well as begin a better life. During this period, many other West Indians were making a similar journey to the UK. After settling in England and raising four children alongside her husband Gersham, Iciline returned to Jamaica in the early 1970s.

March 2018. After Iciline was twice denied a visitor’s visa in the preceding months to visit the UK, The Guardian newspaper revealed a UK government policy intent on creating a “hostile environment” for the so-called “Windrush generation” and specifically to detain and deport black persons - the majority who had arrived in the UK before 1973 and been born British subjects, back to their countries of origin. Windrush generation refers to a sailing vessel, the SS Empire Windrush, which arrived in the UK in June 1948, bringing 500 settlers from Jamaica. Following the end of World War II, the UK needed manpower to rebuild the country, and subsequently reached out to its colonies at that time.

“I was frightened and horrified of this course of action, and could not believe leaders would have agreed to treat people in this shocking way. The consequences were that it was tearing many families apart” she said.

After being temporarily allowed into the UK, there followed a 2-year struggle, led tirelessly by her four children Freddie, Monica, Noel and Phil to prove her status. In April 2020, the Home Office granted Iciline with indefinite leave to remain and her biometric residency card.

Iciline continued - "the truth is I had mixed feelings upon receiving the residency card. Without Team Brown (her children) taking on the task, the outcome would have been very different as I had personally given up due to my own frustration and anger about the situation.”

Even though Iciline’s battle yielded success, many other persons affected have not been as fortunate with deportations continuing, and also deaths due to the stress caused. Iciline’s experience describes the pain and anguish suffered by so many others who have been terribly mistreated. The fight for justice continues.