March 2022

glenmuir robotics team award winners in tech competition

March 30, 2022

At the recently held First Tech Challenge Jamaica competition, hosted by Jamaica College, Autovortex and Glenmuir were ranked first and second respectively leading up to the semifinals. They then teamed up, and played up to the finals and emerged winners of the Alliance Award. It's a BIG DEAL!

Our youths are starting to shape the future with their high level of innovativeness, creativity, collaborative skills, communication and critical thinking skills. There is hope.

Glenmuir also earned the Connect Award.

Both teams worked well together on Saturday and have subsequently forged a partnership that will see us working together at the international level. Our vision is to not only be the best Robotics team in the Region but winners of international competitions.

We heartily congratulate the very outstanding team from York Castle High School who earned the Inspire Award and will represent the country at the World Championships in Texas later this year. We wish for them all the best.

Highest commendations to all the other participating schools!

Catching the american dream - practicing law in the usa

March 4, 2022

Making your home in a foreign country is not always a straightforward decision. There could be a myriad of reasons - to seek better opportunities, escape adversity, or to experience somewhere different. Glenmuir alumna Georgetta Glaves-Innis (from the Class of 1985) is one of five lawyers currently practicing in Atlanta, Georgia whose journey has been documented by SuperLawyers - an online digital publication. Read more.